400 Series Concession Man Door Pre Hung All Aluminum

C400 (other sizes available)

All Aluminum,  Pre-Hung Doors. You Can Install These In Anything! Commonly Used In Enclosed  Trailers, Panel trucks, or buildings.

Figure the size you need with the options you need then you must call me, Fred, 315-697-2441 to get the shipping costs.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Entrance doors, escape doors, etc. all-aluminum,  pre-hung doors. You Can Install These In Anything! Commonly used in enclosed trailers, Panel trucks, or buildings. Standard Width Sizes Are: 32″, 36″ 48″  Wide. Height: 60″, 72″ and 78″ Tall. But You Can Order Almost Any Width And  Height You Need. Especially If You Have An Existing Opening And You Just Want  One That Fits Perfectly In That Space. Just Tell Us The Exact Size Of The  Opening And We Will Build A Door To Fit. If You Are Building New Then You Can  Order What Ever Size Best Suits The Project. When You Get Them,

They Will  Be In A Wooden Shipping Container, Which Cost $75 Max, (Order 2 OR 3+ Doors,  Same Crate Cost $75 for all that will fit), Freight Is According To Your  Location. I Know A Lot Of People Like Free Shipping, But The Closer You Live To  The Shipping Local, The Less You Pay. When You See Free Shipping On Stuff, Rest  Assured Most Of You Are Paying For The Maximum Charge. If You Live In California  And The Shipper Is In NY, You Are Paying Close To The Proper Rate. But If You  Live In New Jersey, You Are Paying The Same Price As The Man In California Is  Paying. Now How Free Is Free Freight!? So To Get An Accurate Freight Charge,  Call Us:

NOTE: The purchaser has 24 hours to cancel an order. After 24 hours, you will be charged for materials and labor up to the time you canceled. Depending on the time of cancelation, this may result in charges for the full order.

66 tall x 24 wide, 72 tall x 26 wide, 78 tall x 26 wide, 84 tall x 26 wide, 72 tall x 30 wide, 78 tall x 30 wide, 84 tall x 30 wide, 72 tall x 34 wide, 78 tall x 34 wide, 84 tall x 34 wide, 72 tall x 38 wide, 78 tall x 38 wide, 84 tall x 38 wide, 72 tall x 48 wide

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