1300 Series Concession Window With Tempered Glass & Screens


C1300 (other sizes available, just ask)

HERE’S WHAT YOU GET     The following concession serving widows, the C1300 series, (the windows slide left and or right, or up and down.), all come with an awning door, standard glass windows with screens, gas shocks and key locks. Figure the size you need with the options you need then you must call me, Fred, 315-697-2441 to get the shipping costs. They all come prehung and ready to install. You can not order directly off here because these are expensive and I have to make sure you are getting the correct configerations. you can’t return them.

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36 tall x 36 wide, 36 tall x 48 wide, 36 tall x 60 wide, 36 tall x 72 wide, 36 tall x 84 wide, 36 tall x 96 wide, 48 tall x 48 wide, 48 tall x 60 wide, 48 tall x 72 wide, 48 tall x 84 wide, 48 tall x 96 wide