-1300 Concession Serving Windows (60″ wide x 36″ tall)


The 1300 Series Concession Serving Windows (can slide left and or right, or up and down), all come with an awning door, standard glass windows with screens, gas shocks, and key locks. Please choose the options below and I will call to finalize the order with shipping costs – Fred, 315-697-2441. They come prehung and ready to install. You can not order directly off here because these are expensive and I have to make sure you are getting the correct configurations. No returns accepted. Other sizes available.

mounts between awning door & glass window. used when an optional marquee is ordered. otherwise just order the 10″ fold down shelf.

we use 12″ of the awning door. When Awning is open the Marquee gets rotated up another 90 deg.

For a nice professional look covering the screws or rivets etc used to mount window to vehicle.

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The 1300 Series concession serving windows come with standard tempered glass windows and screens and an awning door on gas shocks that closes up when not in use, Has key locks for security. The windows slide either side to side or up and down your choice. The windows are prehung and ready to install. To get the most accurate fit and options to suit your needs a consultation with our owner, Fred, is required before we will accept an order. This protects you, the consumer, as these windows are expensive and our goal is to ensure the product suits your application perfectly. Please Note: This item is non-returnable due to its custom nature.

NOTE: The purchaser has 24 hours to cancel an order. After 24 hours, you will be charged for materials and labor up to the time you canceled. Depending on the time of cancelation, this may result in charges for the full order.

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